Gastric Band

Undergoing gastric banding in Mexico can save patients thousands of dollars, all while being performed by a bariatric surgeon who may have more experience than their US counterparts.  All of our qualified weight loss surgeons perform gastric banding in a full-service hospital.

Gastric banding uses an implant to help restrict a person’s stomach capacity. Gastric banding has been performed over 750,000 times, and is the second most popular weight loss surgery in the United States.

Gastric Banding Procedure

Surgery Duration – 1 Hours
Nights in Hospital – 2 Nights
Nights in Hotel – 1 (1 PreOp, 2 Post Op)
Back to Work – 7 to 10 Days

How Adjustable Gastric Banding Works?

Gastric banding surgery is colloquially known by brand names of the implants: Lap-Band System or REALIZE system. Both implants are very similar and will use the same surgical method to induce weight loss – restrictive technique.

Gastric banding surgery, or adjustable gastric banding surgery, is performed laparoscopically. This allows our surgeons to use multiple small incisions, instead of one large incision.

Gastric banding works by using an implant to restrict the upper portion of stomach, thus inducing a smaller stomach capacity. The smaller capacity makes patients feel fuller faster, making them to reduce their caloric intake.

Things to Note:

  • Gastric banding does not change the digestive track.
  • The band is adjustable allowing your surgeon or physician to change the tightness of the band.
  • Gastric banding is reversible.

Is Gastric Banding for Me?

To be considered a candidate for gastric banding surgery, patients will need meet or exceed a BMI of 35. Because BMI isn’t accurate for everybody, patients who are at least 100 pounds overweight are considered good candidates for gastric banding surgery. Patients who are severely obese, patients whose BMI is over 45, will not be qualified candidates and be recommend for gastric bypass surgery.

Patients are also expected to have co-morbidites that are threatening to the patient. Co-morbidities including type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, are examples of things that will look favorable during the surgeon’s review of your health history.

Costs of Mexico Gastric Banding Surgery

Undergoing gastric banding surgery in Mexico can save patients $10,000. Costs in the United States and Canada will typically range from $15,000 and up. Our costs are consistently below $5,000 and include all the costs associated with the surgery – including hotel accommodations (excludes airfare, if needed).